You are  an Explorer trying to find treasures in the darkness. The only thing you have is a map. This is my submission for the Dev Squad Jam.

Goal: Find the the treasure and avoid the fire.
Left Mouse: Place or remove  a map.
A,D: Move left and right
Space: Jump
Tip: You can't place a map over fire.

The resolution got messed up when i exported my game and I don't have time to fix it.

Made withUnity


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I like the idea but I got some problems while playing it.
On the first map, as an example, I avoided the fire by jumping on the bottom platform. But I could not go to the next level because I had to go to the top platform. 

Press R to go back to the start. I should have wrote that in the description :P

The treasure can sometimes be hard to see, and you might only see half of it. Look closely and good luck!

Thanks for the tip!