A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game was made for the second Let's Create game jam.

Levitate forward using WASD

W boosts your upward levitation and makes you fly for a limited amount of time.

Left Shift makes you create a flying sword using your psionic materialization but drains your power!

E makes you more durable but drains your power.

Watch out for your enemies who are carrying powerful miniguns. They are especially dangerous in groups.

This game might be short, and that is 100% my fault. I took it WAY too easy the first two days of the game jam and I regret that now. I hope that this is enough for you to have a bit of fun though :D

And no, it's not pronounced "create-t". It's pronounced "create" ;)


Cr8t.zip 13 MB
Cre8t.zip 16 MB

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