A downloadable game for Windows

This game is not finished at all. I thought that the jam was going to end at 12pm, not 12am and I failed very bad (that's time where it ends in Sweden). If you get some text that say "the government", click on it (if not restart the game). Then click on "has control" (if you don't get the text, restart the game). After that you can choose what you want. I know that this game is extremely bad right now but I will be adding  ALOT more things soon.

P.S. When I update the game, I will make sure to have the original version available for download too.


conspiracy.zip 14 MB
conspiracy 1.01.zip 14 MB


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how to reset if i press wrong button ?

You have to restart the game. I will fix that ASAP

Just uploaded a new version of the game with a  somewhat working reset button.