A downloadable game for Windows

Use your special chemical and create different reactions to progress through the levels. Pay attention to the color of the different gases and solids to know how they will react to your chemical.

  • A, D = Run
  • Space = Jump
  • Move mouse = Aim gun
  • Left mouse button = Spray chemical
  • R = Restart level

This game was created for the Homemade Game Jam!

Install instructions

If windows or your anti-virus software flags the game, it's because it comes from an unknown/untrusted provider (also known as me). Just click all clickable things in the windows/antivirus popup until you find the button that will run the game. On Windows 10, you might have to click on something that resembles a hyperlink. Experience any problems? Leave a comment.


CHEMICAL REACTION Setup (x86_64).exe 13 MB

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